The books listed here are designed to give you a chance to read with me. All of the views expressed in each book does not express my personal life view or theological conviction. These are just the tools I pulled from the lake of research while fishing for knowledge. I try to read broadly and plan to list more over time.  This is  a current sampling of what I am learning from right now. 

Read With The Pastor Archive - Page 3

Up Your Business!: 7 Steps to Fix, Build, or Stretch Your Organization by Dave Anderson. Purchase at

How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK: A Biblical Blueprint to Bless Your Business. By Dave Anderson, John C. Maxwell. Purchase at

Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into Power by T.D. Jakes


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The Emotionally Healthy Church, Updated and Expanded Edition: A Strategy for Discipleship That Actually Changes Lives  


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AgeProof: Living Longer Without  Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip by Jean Chatzky, Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz.


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Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined by dr. Ken Druck.


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