2019 Sermons

Theme: Cutting A New Path

Big Question For 2019: How do you cut a new path for your life? 

January's Theme: Build A Better You - Volume 1

January's Big Question: What decisions can you make that will make your life better?


December 31: Cutting New Paths and Building A Better You

January 6: How to Build a Better You, Part 2

January 13: How to Build a Better You Part 3 (Don’t be Fearful)

January 20: Building a Better You Part III (Don’t Be Fake)

January 27: Face Your Habits 


February's Theme: Build A Better You - Volume 2

February's Big Question: How will your habits stop you from having a better life?


February 3: Building a Better You, Volume II (Avoid the Lying Habit)

February 10: Cutting a New Path Investing In The Wind

February 17: Develop the Habit of Completing

February 24: Building a Better Vision (Read the Right Script)


March's Theme: Build A Better Vision

March's Big Question: How well and how far can you see?


March 3: Building a Better Vision (Location, Location, Location)

March 10: You Must Listen Before You Build



March 31: FOCUS


April's Theme: Building A Better Foundation And Covenant

April's Big Question: What have you promised yourself and what have you promised God?


April 8: Decide Where You Stand 


April 21: Easter 2019: Deciding To Be Free

April 28: Making Better Money Decisions 


May's Theme: Making Better Decisions (Volume 1)

May's Big Question: Should I Want More Money?


May 5: Making Better Money Decisions Part 2

May 12: What Did Mama Say?

May 19:  How To Manage The Tough Days (Try To See Those Days Correctly)

May 26: Three Decisions That Can Change Your Life


June's Theme: Making Better Decisions (Volume 2)

June's Big Question: Are You Honest With Yourself?


June 2: Facing The Truth About You 

June 9: You Decide And They Pay

June 16: The Life-Changing Decisions of a Father (How One Father Changed Everything)

June 23: Deciding To Be Strong 

June 30: Deciding To Have Power


July's Theme: Making Better Decisions (Volume 3)

July's Big Question: Are you making good decisions?


July 7: Deciding To Have Power Over Your Real Enemy

July 14:  Deciding To Build A Future

July 21: The Power of Good Decisions (Beverly Davis)

July 28: Deciding To Fight


August 2019: Deciding To Be On Fire

August's Big Question: Have You Decided To Be On Fire?


August 4: Deciding To Be Determined And On Fire

August 11: Deciding To Investigate The Flame

August 18: Deciding to be Tenacious Under Fire (To Hold Fast and be Determined)

August 25: Deciding What You Want (What Does Your Family Want?)


September's Theme: Dealing With My Tough Issues

September's Big Question: What kind of decisions are you making in your intimate life?


September 1: Deciding to Deal With My Real Issues, Part 1 

September 8: What Storms Teach Us

September 15: What Families Teach Us 

September 22: Managing My Intimate Sexual Issues, Part 2

September 29: Dealing With The Real Issues Of Family Relationships 


October's Theme: Dealing With Relationship Issues

October's Big Question: What kind of decisions are you making in your relationships? 


October 6: Dealing With Relationship Issues (What Happened to My Family?) 

October 13: What Happened To My Friends

October 20: Questions You Should Ask Me About Relationships

October 27: How To Cut A New Path In Your Life (Be Clear About Your Work)


November's Theme: Dealing With Work Issues

November's Big Question: Who Taught You How To Work? 


November 3: How Do You Cut A New Path For Your Life? (Learn How To Work)

November 10: Working Toward The Right Thing Part 3 (What Are You Trying To Accomplish)

November 17: Working With The Right People (Part 4)

November 24: How To Do Beter On The Job God Gave You


December's Theme: Dreaming Again


December's Big Question: What was your dream? 


December 1: Dreaming Again (Managing A Big Dream)

December 8: Dreaming Again, Part 2 (Defining Your Dream)

December 15: How Dreams Are Fulfilled (Pastor Greg Formey)

December 22: Adapting To A Bigger Dream

December 29: Why Some Dreams Will Never Come True