2018 Sermons

 Big Question for 2018: What are the courageous conversations you need to have that can change your life outcomes? 

Courageous Conversations

2. February: Big Thought: Most issues in life that are messy start with family. If we improve the leadership and relationships in families, we will improve the world. 

February 5: Messy Relationships with People (When Families Get Messy)

February 11: Messy Relationships With Others

February 18: A Courageous Conversation about What You Really Believe

February 25: A Courageous Discussion About Our Seasons

Courageous Conversation About Changes

We cannot just talk all of our lives, we must change.

Courageous Plans

What Season are you in right now and how should you manage it?

Courageous Wealth Building

Courageous Faith