2017 Sermons

Big Question: How do you build a future?

1. January: Build a New Mind

January 1: Building a Future with Blind People (Pt. 2) (Dealing with People Who Cannot See)

January 8: Your Role In Building a Future (Build a New Mind Part 1)

January 15: Building a New Mind Part 2: Explaining Without Excuses

January 22: Building A New Mind (Part 4)

January 29: Building a New Mind Part 5: Just Me


2. February: Build a New Approach

February 5: Building a New Approach to Build a New Future (Are You a Wise Person?)

February 12: Building A New Approach to Build A New Future (Am I Wise & Am I Foolish?)

February 19: The Right Approach (Do it Right)

February 26: Building A Future With The Wrong Convictions


3. March: Build Clear Convictions

March 5: Building A Future with Clear Work Convictions

March 12 : Building A Future With Clear Convictions About Wealth

March 19: Building A Future with Clear Convictions About Wealth, Pt. 2

March 26: Building A Future Requires Passionate Convictions


4. April: Build With Passion

April 2: Building A Future With Passion 

April 9: Building With Temporary Passion (Passionately Paying Attention)

April 16: Easter Service 2017: Building a Future with Passion (Passionate Sacrifice) (Easter)

April 23: The Power of Passionate Placement (Say No, and Be Where You Are Suppose to Be)

April 30: Passionately Committed to the Right Thing


5. May: Build New Disciplines

May 7: Building a Disciplined Future Before Time Runs Out

May 14: A Look at What A Mom Can Have In Her Toolbox (Mother's  Day)

May 21: Building A Future with Spiritual Discipline

May 28: Building a Future with Mental Disciplines


6. June: Build With Truth 

June 4: The Truth About Why Some People Lose Control

June 11: The Truth About the Damage (The Story of Mephibosheth)

June 18: The Truth About the Power of a Dad (A Dad's Decision Goes a Long Way) (Father's Day)

June 25: Passionately Committed To The Truth About Where I Am (Where AM I and WHY?)


7. July: Build with the right belief's (The Power of What you Believe)

July 2: The Power of What You Believe

July 9: The Power of What You Believe (Part 2)

July 16: Building a Future that Frees You

July 23: Elements That Empower What You Believe - Pastor Greg Formey

July 30: How Do You Build A Future


8. August: Building a Future With Hard to Move People

August 6: How hard are you to move?

August 13: Hard To Move (Moving Leaders)

August 20: How Do You Create Hard to Move Children?

August 27: Hard to Move Family


9. September: Build With a Rainy Day Plan

Big Question: What is your rainy day plan?

September 3: How To Manage Your Rainy Days, Part 1 (Job's Unbelievable Story)

September 10: Do You Have A Rainy Day Plan?

September 17: How to Manage Your Rainy Days, Part 3 (Two Storms With Two Lessons)

September 24: How to Manage Your Rainy Days, Part 4


10. October: Building A Future You Must (Build with a listening ear)

October 1: Building A Future Requires Listening

October 8: Listen 2017: Politics, Part 2

October 15: Listen 2017: Poverty and Prosperity, Part 3

October 22: Surviving the Unexpected

October 29: Hearing, Listening and Doing, Part 5


11. November: Building a Future You Must (Give Yourself a Chance)

November 5: Give Yourself A Chance By Giving, Part 1

November 12: You Give Yourself a Chance, Part 2 (By Listening and Working)

November 19: Give Yourself a Chance (Part 3) (by Developing Healthy Relationships)

November 26: Give Yourself a Chance by Investing in What You Want (Part 4)


12. December:  Building a Future You Must (Build Your Self A Chance Volume 2)

December 3: Finding The Pieces

December 10: Understanding and Prioritizing the Pieces

December 17: The Power Of The Relationship Piece

December 24: Working With What You Have

December 31: Stuck In The Same Place and the Same Conversation (New Series For 2018)