2016 Sermon Themes: Pastor Ricky Temple















Question for 2016: What is my purpose and why am I here?


Current Series: June 2016 Living With Purpose


1. January 2016

January 3: Designed With Power and Purpose (But Listening to the Wrong Voice)

January 10: Following the Wrong Strategy (Living For the Wrong Purpose)

January 17: How to Live with Power and Purpose

January 24: Gifted With Purpose and Independence

January 31: Why Am I Here?: Discover the very reason why you are here in Part 5 of "Living With Purpose."


2. February 2016  

February 7: Designed To Be Different On Purpose

February 14: Designed To Work Together

February 21: The Waiting Room

February 28: You Can't Go With Me (To my Purpose)



March 6: The Purpose and the Power of Belonging

March 13: What Do We Really Believe (Membership Class Two)

March 20: What in the World Are You Doing and Where Are You Going

March 27: Fighting for a Purpose (Fighting the Resurrection Fight)


4. April

April 3: Prospering With A Purpose (Building The Next Generation) 

April 10: Prospering in the Right Season

April 17: Prospering With the Right Attitude (Prosperity is simply "doing well")

April 24: Do You Really Want to Prosper


5. May

May 1: Where Do You Belong?

May 8: Three Things We Get Wrong About Moms

May 15: What in the World Happened to You? (Who Did It?)

May 22: Living Up To God's Purpose

May 29: Responding Too Slow to Reach Your Purpose (Slowed Down by Rebellion)


6. June

June 5: Too Slow To Reach Your Purpose (Slowed by Lack of Preparation)

June 12: Too Slow to Reach Your Purpose: Slowed by Frustrated Ambition

June 19: Too Slow to Reach Your Purpose (My Purpose, My Power, and My Impact)

June 26: Too Fast To Reach Your Purpose (It Takes Time To Get "There")


7. July

July 3: What You Miss When You Go Too Fast

July 10: Too Fast to Reach Your Purpose Part 3

July 17: Pushed To Go Too Fast (by Guest Pastor Greg Formey)

July 24: Living In Covenant Part 1 (Everybody Needs a Superman to Reach Their Purpose)

July 31: Living In Covenant Part 2 (Expanding Your Borders)