Intentionally Living a Blessable Life
2014 Sermon Themes
Pastor Ricky Temple














1. You must intentionally embrace Change (What would happen if you intentionally embraced change?) January Click to Watch/Listen

2. You must intentionally deal with your Money (You must embrace income, expenses, and assets) February Click to Watch/Listen

3. You must intentionally deal with your Relationships (You only control 50% of any relationship) March Click to Watch/Listen

4. You must intentionally deal with Sacrifice (What impact will my life have if I make one sacrifice?) April Click to Watch/Listen

5. You must intentionally embrace the power of Submission (Can you be trusted?) May Click to Watch/Listen

6. You must intentionally be Transparent (Are you a completely honest person?) June Click to Watch/Listen

June Revival Series – Bless-able: What God Can and Can’t Do In Your Life. Click below to Watch/Listen

Bless-able Thinking : How does your thinking affect your life? Can God bless your life with the thoughts you are thinking?

Bless-able Families : What Makes some families bless-able? Can God bless your family as a united group?

Bless-able Careers : What makes a career bless-able by God? What could be hindering you from the advancement you are praying for?

7. You must intentionally respond to Strongholds (What has you emotionally and mentally tied up most of the time?) July Click to Watch/Listen

8. You must intentionally embrace Unity (How would your life change and how many new options would you have if you worked together with fill in the blank, your husband, your family, your boss?) August Click to Watch/Listen

9. To be Blessable you must be Confident (Find the right road, and once you do, stay on it with Confident Determination) September Click to Watch/Listen

10.  To be Blessable you must embrace Balance (Revisited) October Click to Watch/Listen

11.  To be Blessable you must embrace Practicing Blessable Decisions November Click to Watch/Listen

12.  To be Blessable you must have A Blessable Dream  December Click to Watch/Listen