Motivational  Moments Archive 2019-2020

Why Did My Kids Turn Out This Way?

Your Strengths

Can You See During Grief

What is Your Theme?

MLK Parade: What The Civil Rights Season Should Have Taught Us

Cheerful Christmas

Is It Easy To Help You?

What Are You Thankful For?

Just Keep Going

Thankful For Job



What Do You Believe About Family?

Forgive Yourself

Listen To Good Advice

Decisions Change World

Make Good Decisions

Finish What Started


Mistakes In The Past

Why Am I So Angry

Young People

Be Nice

Build Better Habits

Develop A Habits Plan

Don't Be Fragile

What Is Your Dream?

Are You Afraid To Love?

What Is Cool About You?

Try Something New

New Year

Is It Easy For You To Forgive You?

Is It Easy To Work With You?

Cost To Love You

Love People When They Fail

Your Parents


Believe In You

Love Yourself

Tough Decisions

Decisions Affect Life

Do You Love You

Continue Down This Road

Why Do I Hurt

Not Perfect

Bad Relationships

Why Did My Kids Turn Out This Way

Speak To Folks


People With Bad Habits


Have Faith

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