2020 Sermons

2020 Theme: Dreaming Again

Big Question for 2020: How Do You Dream Again

January: Dream With A Strategy


January 5: Four Strategies To Build Your Dreams For The Future (Don't Work Alone)

January 12: Don't Be Confused Or Naive

January 19: Naive Excitement

January 26: The Power of Positive and Negative Peer Pressure


February: Dream With Maturity


February 2: Dreaming An Impossible Dream In This Season of Your Life

February 9: A Mature Dream (Guest Speaker)

February 16: What Will Make Your Dreams Impossible

February 23: Dreaming An Impossible Dream In This Season Of Your Life (Unrested and Rebellious)


March: Dream With A Plan


March 1: Dreaming With A Plan (God's Plan For You)

March 8: Dreaming Again (Your Plan For You)

March 15: How To Dream During Seasons Of Fear

March 22: Dreaming and Fighting Fear In The Promise Land

March 29: How To Dream And Manage A Threat


April: Dream With Confidence


April 5: Not A Threat Just A Blessing You Can't See (Palm Sunday)

April 12: Ready or Not Here IT Comes (The Fight Of Your Life)

April 19: Managing A New Dream With A Heavy Load

April 26: Dreaming With Confidence In The Season Of Opportunity


May: Dream With Financial Clarity


May 3: Dreaming With Confidence and Preparing For The Last Days

May 10: The Gift Women Should Never Forget On Mother's Day

May 17: What Can We Learn From The Ant

May 24: Learning From Adam and Eve

May 31: How To Get The Harvest You Dream Of (Be Patient)


June: Dreaming of a World Without Racism


June 7:  You Don't Look Like Your Picture - Bishop Kenneth Ulmer

June 14: Dreaming Of A Life Without Racism

June 21: When A Father's Dream Becomes A Nightmare

June 28: Dreaming With Hidden Blind Spots


July: Dreaming With Blind Spots

July 5: Dreaming Without Depth

July 12: The Importance Of Dreaming And Hearing At The Same Time

July 19: Dreaming With Clarity

July 26:  Where Shall We Go From Here?


August: Dreaming About A New Direction

August 2: Where Are We Going From Here? Scriptural Suspicions Part 2

August 9: Dreaming of a New Direction (When Tragedy Strikes)

August 16: Build Your Own House And Set The Alarms

August 23: How Wise People Can Have Foolish Problems

August 30: Finding Direction During Painful Seasons